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Personal Injury Chiropractors in Virginia Beach treating whiplash

At Thalia Chiropractic and Wellness, we are very experienced in dealing with personal injury issues. Our doctors and staff have worked with a wide variety of patients suffering from a wide variety of injuries, so we can safely say we have probably seen in all when it comes to auto accident injuries. We know which injuries to look for based on the type of accident in which you were involved. We work well with insurance companies and those that need to file insurance claims for their personal injury.

Personal Injury Chiropractors in Virginia Beach

Our experienced personal injury chiropractors are trained to detect those injuries that may occur as a result of an auto accident, even if those injuries have yet to manifest themselves with noticeable symptoms. These could be severe or mild injuries, but they all must be treated to prevent complications in the future. Our Va Beach chiropractors will check your spine for misalignment as well check the range of motion of your shoulders, neck, back and any other areas that may have been affected.

If you have seen a medical doctor and/or been prescribed medication by your medical doctor, it is still important to be examined by a chiropractor that specializes in auto accident injuries. The medications and treatment from your medical doctor may not be enough. Chiropractors are trained to detect and treat misalignment of the spine and underlying structural damage that may have long lasting and severe effects on your future health. Medications may only treat the symptoms, not the actual problem. For that, you need an experienced chiropractor.

When to See a Personal Injury Chiropractor

If you are involved in an auto accident or any sort of accident in which there was some sort of rather violent jolt to your body, you should visit a personal injury chiropractor as soon as possible. Many times injuries sustained in a car crash go unnoticed initially, which can have terrible consequences if those injuries are not treated quickly. Those injuries, left untreated may get much worse or become permanent. Also, if too much time goes by, you may have a hard time getting your insurance to cover those injuries because it may become unclear as to the source of those injuries. And, if you are involved in a lawsuit, it becomes more difficult to prove your injuries were sustained by the accident in question.

You do not need an attorney to approve and help you get chiropractic treatment for your personal injury. However, you should consult with your insurance provider and our office to make sure all issues with insurance coverage are handled appropriately.

Whiplash Treatment in VA Beach

One of the most common injuries stemming from an auto accident is whiplash. Whiplash is caused by a sudden, violent movement of your head either forwards, backwards or to the side which damages the supporting muscles, ligaments and connective tissues of the neck and upper back. During the stress and chaotic events of an auto collision, you may not realize that it happened and the symptoms of whiplash may not appear for weeks or months. If too much time goes by, it is possible the damage caused by whiplash may be permanent. It is for these reasons, you should get yourself checked out by a chiropractor specializing in personal injury as soon as possible after a collision. .

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